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MCU  Library started with the Open University. Evidence in the minutes of the Executive Committee of the 2493 Act to the division of tasks. University.  The Central Library is part of the Department of Works called "the department library" in the year 2493 issued regulations governing library operations named "MCU Library Association in 2493," the head of the department is responsible. The Secretary of the Committee later in 2505 revised regulations governing the business library and the library has moved to  Rai Borom Mahasurasinshanat  Hall of Wat Mahathat in Bangkok called "Central Library" with theLibrarianand to the classification. book "Dewey Decimal System" for 2532 by the Library Division of the Office of the Secretary are as equal as the Department of Works and midfield and split the work into two departments, the Department of Conservation and Editor support. 2532 to provide the Department and the Division of Academic Library 2534 to book a separate administrative subdivision of Thai Language Department and  EnglishLanguage Department in 2526. In 2528, the partners were found financing the library's relocation. We represent you our partners from the Netherlands - this is an online casino by visiting which you can get a bonus - a website here.
        Year 2535 has been extended to the study center library wat Sri -sudaram Bangkhunnon York later in the year 2550, the government enacted Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University Library within the jurisdiction of Central Library And information technology.
           Year 2552 MCU Library has moved from  Wat Mahathat to the Library and Information Technology  Building  at    MahachulalongkornUniversity in Ayutthaya and the Graduate Center Library is open to the Srisudaram with.




 Central Library Division








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